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Chairwoman’s statement

Dear Sirs!

At the core of our success lies respect for the customer and the constant relationship with the market, with particular emphasis on service quality and friendly interpersonal relationships as well as on our represented business values. The effect of positive global geopolitical changes as well as the stabilization of the government and the Polish state policy resulted in improvements in the economy in 2017 and 2019, which can therefore also be clearly observed in the pace of our increasing sales revenues.

On a global scale, Poland and Polish producers invariably attract the attention of foreign partners. We are assessed as a place of economic stability, something which Vivenge uses in shaping its operating strategy on foreign markets.

Thanks to our Partners and relationships based on trust and mutual cooperation, we have developed by building a socially and economically strong company. We are especially grateful to our clients, thanks to whom we are in this place in our company's history. We have grown thanks to your trust. We have learnt thanks to your challenges. We have grown in strength thanks to our robust work. With your help, we contribute to the economic growth of Poland and Europe. We are proud of our membership of the UN Secretary General's Global Compact Network Poland. We treat this as a great commitment to being an example and a leader of good practice in our industry.

Yours faithfully,
Katarzyna Rudnicka
Chairman of the board