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Vivenge – The contractor for a new tomorrow

files/aktualnosci/ludzik.jpgVIVENGE is a Polish manufacturer of in-branch furniture and visual signage. We are a leader in remodelling and rebranding processes in Poland and Europe, as well as a recognized and respected contractor of furniture concepts and advertising elements, with over 20 years of experience in the areas of the fuel, banking, food and clothing industries as well as in mobile telephony and digital television. Continuous development, systematic construction of the portfolio and experience gained in a dynamically changing market have resulted in the implementation of several dozen projects, changing the concept of stores for many significant customers, who are leaders on the European market.

In 2011 VIVENGE received a Business Credibility Certificate, and in 2012 the company was recognized as a Leader on the Local Market and awarded a prestigious Business Gazelle award as one of the most dynamically growing companies in Poland. In 2013 Forbes magazine awarded the company the title of Forbes Diamond 2013. The company has implemented and certified Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems, as well as a Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility which has been implemented systematically since 2012.

Vivenge is a member of the UN Secretary General's Global Compact Initiative, where in a partnership between VIVENGE, the UNDP, public administration, scientific and environmental institutions, it promotes and supports activities for the sustainable and responsible development of the rebranding industry in Poland and Europe.

VIVENGE's activities focus on the continuous improvement of processes related to the implementation of new concepts for shop equipment and in the branding of clients' shops in order to increase the value of their brand.